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MIMEE.net the portfolio

Hi there! My name is Michelle but you can call me Mimee.

I'm a freelance illustrator striving to become a concept artist. I enjoy the company of cats and love playing video games. Aside from drawing and painting, I like crafting and creating. I am fueled by coffee and tea and at the moment I am craving for red velvet muffins.

Skills I've Acquired

2D:: Digital painting and illustration in Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.

3D:: Creation of lo-poly and hi-poly models in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox.

Web: Enough knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as Wordpress to set up a portfolio.

Get in touch with me!

I am available for freelance work or larger projects!

You can reach me via email at mimeeart(* NULL * )@( * NULL * )gmail( * NULL * ).com

You can also find me on Tumblr, and Twitter, and Instagram